My Teaching

Brief statement of teaching philosophy:

The overarching aim of my teaching is that students will become active learners of social phenomena, competent users of scientific theories and methods, innovative creators of media products and/or social science research, and leaders in creating positive social change. I have implemented three core strategies to achieve this aim: (1) integrating students’ goals and voices in teaching, (2) empowering peer learning, and (3) encouraging and mentoring students to create something new.

Course topics:

  • Persuasion and Media
  • Research Methods
  • Communication and Public Opinion
  • Mass Communication

Experience in facilitating undergraduate research:

I have mentored undergraduate students to participate in the following research projects:

  • 2021: Theorizing Social Media Skepticism: Differential Influence of Accuracy and Directional Motivated Skepticism on Selective Exposure, Misinformation Discernment and Election Legitimacy (PI: Jianing Li)
  • 2020-2022: Peer Fact-Checking of COVID-19 Misinformation (PI: Sijia Yang)
  • 2017-2018: National Television Violence Study: A 20-Year Update (PI: Karyn Riddle)