Correcting COVID-19 misinformation: I co-led a team that produced misinformation correction articles for COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect App developed by Wisconsin Department of Health Services and UW-Madison’s Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies. This desktop and mobile app provided misinformation correction, social support and helpful resources about COVID-19 to Wisconsinites.

  • Interested in finding out more about how to produce effective COVID-19 fact-checks? Check out the handbook by Stephan Lewandowsky and colleagues.

Toolkits for journalists and news consumers on navigating misinformation: I provided research support for the Election Integrity Project by Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and the Center for Journalism Ethics in support for the development of Don’t repeat the myth: A local reporter’s toolkit for covering mis- and disinformation on social media and Sticking up for the truth: A citizen’s toolkit for navigating the facts-optional world of social media.

Recommendations for journalists on covering U.S. elections: Election Coverage and Democracy Network provides excellent recommendations and resources for covering elections in the U.S.